ATM Enclosure Product Design

Each custom bank ATM enclosure or kiosk assembly is constructed with a heavy gauge, steel framework and then covered with weather resistant aluminum panels. The precision pre-punching of exterior panels assures accurate alignment for maximum strength of housing and prevents the "wavy effect." Our unified construction design also allows for quick and easy on-site replacement of damaged panels.

Each unit features an automotive grade paint and clear-coat finish that ensures long term color retention, superb weather resistance and durability. Bumper guards help protect panels from scuffs and scratches.

Canopy models have internal roof drains and seamless rubber roof membranes to prevent leaks. All bank ATM designs have been thoroughly tested for structural integrity and approved by a third party certification firm.

Each custom kiosk design includes heating/cooling systems to maximize the ATM's effectiveness during harsh weather conditions, which provides a more pleasant environment for bank attendants servicing the ATM. Durofoam insulated walls and doors provide sound and climate control. An LED thermostat automatically switches from heating or cooling modes without manual adjustment. The specialized Air Conditioner features self-evaporating coils, which eliminates the need for an auxiliary drain line and prevents unsightly condensate and associated stains.

Precision Steel Works unique extendable ATM base plate design eliminates problems resulting from electrical and mechanical failures. Operation is simple - release the safety lever and move the bank ATM into position. You're ready to replenish! The ATM safe may even be accessed when power is not available. This design feature allows service or replenishment of the bank's ATM inside the secure confines of the kiosk. A specialized base plate locks into both the replenishment and operational positions securely, while a security door rolls out to completely close off the customer side during replenishment. An approach end service door with peep hole is standard. Ample lighting, combined with white interior walls, provide excellent visibility.

With our bank ATM design model, the mechanical room for heat, air and electrical connections has an entry separate from the ATM entry and may be accessed without an escort. All electrical connections are easily accessible and 100 amp electrical panels are standard.

Backlit signage panels around the perimeter of the canopy are hinged to allow for easy replacement of bulbs and panel. All replacement parts for our ATM enclosure designs are readily available.

As your turnkey ATM kiosk and enclosure source, Precision Steel Works is totally responsible for design, manufacture, delivery and installation. Your ATM may be installed on-site or in our factory. The rigid construction and concealed lifting lugs facilitate original setting of kiosks and allow for easy relocation if ever required.

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